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Evolutionary Astrology

Conscious choices and free will.

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I created this community because there is a change that is taking place throughout the world of astrology where people are beginning to recognize where traditional astrology falls short. Traditional astrology has done and does many wonderful things, and modern astrologers certainly stand on its shoulders, but it also has a tendency to perpetuate fortune telling: using astrology to describe people's personality traits and to tell them what is going to happen to them in their life. This traditional system is based on astrological configurations being either good or bad, and there is no room for conscious use of the planetary energies by the person. There is no room for free will.

I am interested in diversity and learning from each other. I am not intending to put down those people who practice traditional astrology, or to reject beginners out of hand. I am also not intending to get everyone together whose approach to astrology is exactly the same as mine. I am just trying to create a specialized community where our foundation and premise for practicing astrology and its purpose is similar enough that we can take our discussions to higher levels of usefulness and insight.

If you are a beginner and these ideas sound like what you believe but you just don’t know enough yet to keep up with the discussions, please check out The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest or any of his other works, as well as works by Jeffrey Wolfe Green, as a place to start. There is no shame in being a beginner, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

If you are interested in learning about the evolutionary astrology technique or are already an evolutionary astrologer, then this community is for you.

This community:
  • advocates the use of astrology primarily as a counseling tool.
  • contains astrologers of at least an intermediate level, which is defined by someone who has a working knowledge of the meaning of the signs, houses, planets, and aspects, and how they go together to form a chart and it's interpretation.
  • is not intended to be used for free readings. There are many other excellent communities that will be able to do that for you, and there is no shame in wanting it, but that is not what this community is here for. Examples from our own members' charts as a tool for illustrating what topic we may be discussing is acceptable and welcomed.
  • is based upon the basic principles of what is becoming known as Evolutionary Astrology.

    What is Evolutionary Astrology?

    Evolutionary Astrology* follows the following basic ideas:
    • Planets don't do things, people do. The planets do not coerce, manipulate, or cause things to happen to us. They are more like a mirror that is reflecting how we are evolving and growing.
    • Planetary energies and combinations are not inherently good or bad. Each planet asks us a question, which we must spend our lives answering. There is a range of possibilities in which we can choose the low road or the high road. It is our own free will that dictates how we will choose to respond to the lessons and questions that are posed us. We are accountable for our answers and are responsible for the realities we experience, both internally and externally.
    • Our birth chart represents what we don’t know in this life, and are here to learn.
    • Our birth chart contains information about the condition of our soul as we enter this lifetime, which can be defined as prior lifetimes (reincarnation), genetic influences, or early childhood experiences, however the astrologer or client prefers to view this idea.
    • As astrologers and fellow humans, we must be respectful and supportive of a person seeking astrological help, regardless of where they are in the evolutionary journey, and responsible in the information we give them. This means interpretations must be centered on information that allows the client to make choices. No fortune telling or dooming statements should be presented, as well as no blindly optimistic statements.

    This further applies to other astrological techniques, such as:
  • Synastry readings (composite, interaspect, whatever) are not about determining whether or not two people should or shouldn’t be together, but are about supporting the couple in finding out how to work with each other and grow with each other by learning about their own needs and the needs of their partner. It is the choice alone of the two people in the relationship that determines whether or not they should be in a relationship.
  • Predictive readings (transits, progressions, solar arcs, solar returns, whatever) are not about telling someone what will or won’t happen to them, or what they should or shouldn’t do in the future, but about what new questions the planets will be asking them to answer, what lessons are coming up on the horizon for them, giving information that will allow them to be better prepared to deal with the issues that will arise for them.

*These ideas are my interpretation of statements made by the creators of Evolutionary Astrology, Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, seen here: Evolutionary Astrology Principles